Are Eggs Bad for You?

There is no magic pill when it comes to eating and losing weight. Simply put, a pound of fat equals 3500 calories and you have to eat 3500 calories less in one week to lose a pound of fat in that week.

However, there are certain foods that can help promote weight loss. For the rest of this week we will be focusing on a few that have been listed for all to see, at (
1)    Oatmeal – You’ve probably heard it several times already but the benefits of consuming a high fiber breakfast cannot be emphasized enough.  Oatmeal is not only a great way to ensure you never have bowel movement problems, but it also works in bringing down bad cholesterol levels! And finally, coming to weight loss, oatmeal is known to have a very high satiety quotient – which means you get full with little and is the ideal way to begin your day. It ensures you get enough energy, fibers and nutrients and also promotes weight loss! I eat oatmeal almost every day. 3/4 cup, plain with no milk or sugar. That's just the way I eat it with some pepper sprinkled on top. The pepper has no calories, helps to raise metabolism, and I like it.

2)    Eggs – If you have a strict exercise regimen that includes both cardio  and strength training – and you should have, if you want to lose weight – eggs are extremely beneficial for building muscle mass. You may have heard that the white of the eggs is very good but the whole egg itself has a lot of protein essential for development of muscle mass and will not make you pile on the pounds if you’re working out. In fact, eggs are a considered one of the foods that promote weight loss because they are appetite suppressants and also help you build muscle. If there's one think I lack in my diet it's sometimes sufficient protien. You could boil up a few eggs and keep them in the fridge for a few days for some easy, nutritious additions to your meals.

Wednesday, more magic foods that help promote weight loss. In the meantuime, if you want to join the rest of us in the Big Wally Loser's Club, log into Sign up for it today and search (wallywess) That's me. And let's get started down the road to a health more fit you.

Big Wally is not a doctor or nutritionist. This blog is meant to be inspirational in nature. Always see your physician before starting any diet or exercise routine.