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Week # 4 weigh in today... and I report to you.... that things did not go as well as I would have liked, but I still lost weight... another 2 lbs!! Yippie!

This week I really started to feel a lot better. My pants are getting loser. I have a lot more energy and I kind of expected to have lost more than 2 lbs. I have been to the gym twice this week and hit the cardio hard. Still, only a 2lb loss? Come on?

Now is the time I look backwards over the last week. And when doing that I should feel lucky to have lost anything at all. Dinner at the Silo restaurant which included chocolate cake, I had apple pie one or two nights. But just a small slice, each time.

Let's see, some chocolate graham cracker treats, about 500 calories of them. Egg McMuffin, 1/4 lb hot dog, Zucchini muffin, a little vanilla ice cream. WHAT? Are You Kidding Me?

I ate very well most of the time, but lack of focus can kill you. And I have to say that without the exercise this week, my weigh in may have turned drastically bad. So, here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna take what I know about last week's bad Big Wally diet. I'm gonna continue to walk and hit the gym. I'm gonna eliminate all that crap I just told you about and I am gonna see where I weigh in next Thursday. (I feel all better, week number 5, here I come)
BTW, total weight loss through 4 weeks is 14lbs.

Tomorrow we will talk about some magic foods that will help you lose weight.

www.MyFitnesspal.com. Sign up for it today. Click on community and then on groups and search 'big wallys loser club'. Also friend request (wallywess) That's me. And let's get started down the road to a health more fit you.

Big Wally is not a doctor or nutritionist. This blog is meant to be inspirational in nature. Always see your physician before starting any diet or exercise routine.