Whooooo Hooooooo! Two Weeks after starting Big Wally's Losers Club and, I, The host of this club have lost, (drum roll please) , 8 lbs! I'm about as happy as a coal miner at a cat house with a fist full of 50's. (but for very different reasons)

If you have a few pounds you feel you need to shed, or maybe you have a whole bunch you want to say buh bye to, then you need to make the pledge to start taking back your life. I did. Will you join me?

We all are so busy doing things for others that we often times forget about our own well being. Sometimes we just don't care. I'm here to tell you that you can do for others and still get healthy and feel better.

If you suffer from knee pain, as I do, here are my three unprofessional recommendations to stop the knees from aching.

1) Lose weight.

2) Lose weight.

3) Lose weight.

Or at least that's the message in a study conducted by Dr. Stephen Messier, appearing in the July 2005 "Journal of Arthritis & Rheumatism."

Messier's study concluded that for every 1 lb. of weight loss that occurred, there was a resulting 4-lb. reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure. Furthermore, it was suggested that individuals who lost 10 lbs. would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure for every mile walked.

Walking is a great way to get started skimming those pounds off your backside, frontside and everyside.  I know, I know.... 'I can't walk 'cause my knees hurt too much to do any walking, Wally.'

Ok, I get that. But let me say this. While it's certainly easier to lose weight through vigorous exercise, the best exercise is the one you don't do: repeatedly raising your hand to your mouth to insert food into that hole under your nose.

Make tomorrow your START day. Join the rest of the Big Wally Losers Club by opening your free account at www.myfitnesspal.com. (friend request wallywess) The only thing you have to lose is the weight, (and the excuses)

I've said this before and I say it again, the hardest part of this whole dieting deal is this, making the commitment to start.

Coming up tomorrow, why I decided to start, now!