Friday 2-15
Jimmi Jones And The Family Jewels @ Thurstys
Rize @ On The Roxx
Odd Man Out @ Chip's
Beard Of Bees @ American Legion Hallstead

Stratospheerius @ CyberCafe
The Victory, Prelude The Ruin, and more @ Adriando's
Devilock, Stone Dead Forever, Killconfirmed, HPA @ Martini Room
Off The Cuff @ Kuda's
Half baked @ Nips
Water Monster @ Our Place
Short Change Band @ Davy's
String Of Pearls @ Owego Treadway INN
Heritage @ Topper
The Egomaniacs @ Kelly's
The Revlers @ McGirk's
Brotherhood @ Number 5

Saturday 2-16
Tanked @ Topper
Sad Sorry @ PJ Ohares
Beard Of Bees @ Golden Oaks Golf Course
Odd Man Out @ Bobbys
The Letter 5 @ On The Roxx
Wreckless Marci @ Parkview Hotel
Valnad, State Of Mind, A Call For Conquest @ DTQB
Citizen 5 @ Mosquito
Water Monster @ Mary's
Half Baked @ VFW Post 478
Hi-way Fruit Market @ Jonathan's
Old Friends @ McGirk's
Rick fry @ Our Place
Katie Scott with Persuasion @ Number 5


Benefit at Choconut Inn, Music all day by various artists. 2-8pm

Thank you to Shark Audio Lighting for collecting the line up every week!