The sports community in Binghamton has lost a beloved figure. You may not have known his name, but if you have been to a sporting event in Binghamton over the last several years, chances are you saw Jingles.

No matter the local sport; high school football, BU basketball, B-Mets games, Jingles was usually there. He would dance in the aisles during breaks in the action, loudly cheer on the teams and general infect everyone around him with a huge dose of team spirit!

There should be more people like Jingles in the world, but sadly, there is one less.

I have heard many stories about Jingles today and I thought he needed to be honored. Yes, Jingles was in his 80's and lived a long life, but it is a loss none the less. How about honoring him this way? When we go to local sporting events, we act a little like Jingles? It's is part of the reason we are there, right?

Thank you Jingles for making life better. And thanks for the dancing!