I was shocked when I went to the polls yesterday at how few candidates were running against someone. In Hallstead, not one single person ran for any office! How sad is it that people don't care about the running of their government.


I realize that many people do not want to deal with the vicious mud slinging that takes place, but why can't we change that? Why can't we put a 'peace treaty" in place so good people can run for offices without the disgusting personal attacks?

I have to admit, I wanted to run for an office, but I am unable to because of family working for the town.

As I mentioned yesterday, local government most directly affects your life. More than any other government. It may seem inconsequential, but it is not. So, if you are one of many who are frustrated at the way things work, run for office.

So many have the idea that "there will always be someone to run the town." Think again. The people that run over and over again don't want to. They do it out of necessity many times. Step up and take the reigns.