It all started simply. During the NBA All-Star festivities, LeBron James said that he would have a spot on the "Mt. Rushmore" of the NBA, if there was one. Now it seems the idea of having a "figurative" Mt. Rushmore for all kinds of things is happening.

It starts with a question: Who would be on your NFL Mt. Rushmore? Feel free to add any sport, hobby, topic in place of NFL. Then your post catches fire with debate on social media.

Of course, you can only have 4 names, since that is how many faces are on the real Mt. Rushmore.

Now that you know what the Mt. Rushmore hubbub is all about, have fun spreading it. We are going to by asking this: Who is on your Classic Rock Vocalist Mt. Rushmore? Go!

On a side note, the actual faces on Mt. Rushmore are presidents Lincoln, Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Jefferson.