Ok. enough is enough! I do not care what is on sale or what would 'smell pretty,' there is no need to put this stuff in the men's room at the radio station.


You can put what you want in your bathroom ladies, but leave ours alone! The closest thing to aromatic that we want in the bathroom is 'Irish Spring,' even though we prefer Lava!


Coconut and Warm Ginger scented pump soaps are meant for the washroom earmarked for those with XX Chromosomes. Next thing you know,  there will be baby powder, lint brushes and an extra chair so we can 'talk in a meaningful way,' in the mens room!

Hey, lady who orders our dude-room supplies, a bar of soap, paper towels and a generous supply of single-ply, non scented, no-pattern T.P. is all that we need in our space!  (and oh, maybe a Glade Plug-in too!)