Kyle decided before he left for Iraq in December of 2006, that he would keep a journal of everything that was going on. That didn’t happen, as he was OBA (Overcome By Activity). However, he did manage to keep it up all throughout, here and there, whether he wrote something every other day or once a month. His journal was for his time there, events, work, emotions, everything; in order to share it for future generations to come, and now for you, our loyal listeners:

Entry #14 of 17:

23 May 07
H/C: 55+

So yeah, there's not much to write about, every day seems to be an exact duplicate of that day prior. The good news is that my replacement may be getting out here as soon as the end of this week. That way I can go back to Balad for the remainder of my time here. I like to call it a "decompression period". The amenities there, compared to here make it look like a vacation. 12 hour days, 6 people to a trailer, working showers... can't really go wrong. Speaking of which, the generators overheated today, shutting off all the power to the tents, and, in turn, the air conditioning. To put it into perspective, it was 117 degrees outside. When I walked into the tent, it was noticeably much hotter. Good times. I should try to go to sleep now, with the air conditioning out, I have a feeling that tonight will be a series of short naps, no real rest involved.

Kyle Mills - Ramadi Iraq (My Tent Blew Over In A Sandstorm)
Kyle Mills - Ramadi Iraq (Tents)

From Kyle, today:

Don't mess with my sleep! You can shoot at me and try to blow me up all you like, but just don't mess with my sleep! One of my top 3 amenities that I appreciate most is air conditioning. To this day, I can't sleep in a room that has stagnant air, or not cooler than 75 degrees. Balad was a pretty decent base, but I'll let  you discover for yourself exactly what I felt about it in the next entry or two."

This is the 14th of a 17-part series, that will cover my entire journal, from my deployment to Iraq from December 2006 – July 2007. Check in next week for the next installment, when I get relocated, and an update on my replacement situation.

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