I am big fan of NASCAR. I used to be a pit reporter and have had my time down pit road watching and learning. I was also a fan of Kyle Petty's. Until now.

Kyle was an average driver in his day. His best season was 1992, when he got 2 wins out of his 8 career top finishes and eight poles.  All in all, he had 173 top 10 finishes in his thirty years of racing.

So, with those stats in Kyle's books why would he say Danica Patrick is not a race car driver? In a recent interview, he said she can drive fast; as her qualifying shows, but she is not a racer.  Hmmm. In IndyCar, her average finish was 10.6, she had a win and seven podium appearances plus three poles. Not bad. That is one of 6 different racing series she was in.

If Danica is guilty of anything, it is not focusing on one series exclusively. And Kyle, buddy, only time will tell if Danica is a racer, not you. Maybe your Dad, Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson can chime in, but not you.

The one thing about racing that Kyle needs to remember is it isn't all about talent. Some of the outcome is luck and being out of the big wrecks.  We'll see in a couple of years if Danica truly is a racer or not. This is, after all, only her first full season in Sprint Cup.

Just sayin'.