We all collect stuff in our life. Lots of stuff. But we rarely dispose of much unless we have to.

I had boxes of books and "things" I had collected over the years (John Andretti Winston Cup tire anyone?) and I finally started getting rid of it when I had to move twice. Now, I "purge" my home at least twice a year.

If the following question comes to my mind when I look at an item to sell, I know it is not good enough. "Should I throw this out?"

There is money to be had when you purge your belongings. Here are some rules about what you can sell at a yard sale.

1. If the item is in decent shape with no missing pieces and it passes my test (see question above), then it's good to sell.

2. If you have not touched it or used it in 2 years, then it's time to let it go.

3. Never take someone else's items, no matter how small, to sell without their permission. You have no idea what their attachment is to any given item. Yes, this is true, even if it's your spouse.

4. Do not sell pillows, mattresses, linens, or shoes. The only exception is if they are "new in box".

5. Do a little research on your bigger items before you go the yard sale route. they may have more value elsewhere.

6. If an item is ugly, but in great shape, don't pitch it! Sell it!

7. If you sell artwork, research it to make sure it is not too valuable. Also, open the backing slightly if it is very old painting to make sure nothing is stashed inside. You'd be surprised what people used to put in the backing!

You know what they say... "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Take advantage of that.

The World's Largest Yard Sale is coming up. That could be an easy way around having a yard sale yourself.