Kitty Litter. It has a bunch of uses besides being the "dump" site for kitty waste. Like being used to handle nuclear waste. Wait...what?

You may remember hearing about a nuclear waste leak in Carlsbad, New Mexico on Valentine's Day. After some investigation, it was discovered that the wrong brand of kitty litter was used to treat the waste. So, let me get this straight. Cat litter, that absorbent wonder, is used to treat and adsorb nuclear waste. I think Scoop Away should put that in a commercial!

"Scoop Away handles the tough waste from your cat and Three Mile Island!"

I'd buy it!

The trick is, the cat litter can't be the organic kind. It has to be the old stuff, but still clumping.

So what else is kitty litter good for?

1. Sprinkle on the bottom of trash cans to eliminate dampness and odor.

2. To get rid of sidewalk graffiti, sprinkle it on dry and, wearing old sneakers, grind it into the paint. Viola! The paint is gone.

3. Mix equal parts cat litter and soil, then place in your garden. The soil will retain moisture better and cause better root growth.

4. Put about 2 inches of non-scented cat litter at the bottom of your grill. It will keep it clean by retaining the grease.

5. To get rid of shoe stink, fill a panty hose or knee high with cat litter and put it in the shoe overnight.

6. The weirdest use yet is it makes a good facial mask! Mix 3 tablespoons of cat litter with the same amount of water and grind it with a mortar and pestle. Plaster it on your face and detoxify yourself!

And the most well known uses are:

7. Place a bag in the back of your car during winter for weight and when stuck on ice, pour some around your tires for traction.

8. Pour it on the floor of your garage to absorb oil, grease and vehicle fluids.

Did I miss anything? do you have an odd use for kitty litter? Share it! You can also check out Catstuff online for other ways it's used.