I've have been kayaking for many years. I caught the bug during a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine several years ago while ocean kayaking.

Shortly after that, I bought into the craze. I purchased a 12 foot kayak, paddles, safety vest and other fun things that go with it. Some 'fads' as I call them, fade and the many items purchased, end up stored in the basement or sold. You know what I mean, probably done the same.

But I've got to admit, this is one thing I did not abandon. I enjoy kayaking everytime I visit my summer home (translation: travel trailer.) It's fun, a stress reliever for sure, and as long as I have a body of water to drop the kayak in, I'll never give up on this type of recreation.

I do find it amazing though how many people are afraid of kayaks.
Excuses from "won't it tip over easy?", "I can't squeeze into that tube", I don't have any coordination with paddles", blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, if I can kayak, most people can kayak. Give it a try sometime. You may find it is easy and fun.

But, one thing I would never try, is the stunt this guy does in the video below.
Why would anyone even think of doing this?