So.... why did I,  Big Wally decide that now was the time to lose weight and get healthy again. Well, I have actually been thinking about it for awhile. But here's a few reasons.

My entire jean collection goes between 34 and 38 waistlines. (38's were considered my fat pants.) Now, the 42's I begrudgeonly bought are getting too tight on me. Most of my shirts are either in the Large or XL category. BUT NONE OF THEM FIT ANYMORE.  My leather motorcycle jacket, she no fit no more, not to mention that my chaps are not meant for a chap my size.

It all started a few years ago. I started visiting back alley ice cream shops to feet my frozen dairy addiction. I was going to be laid up for awhile due to an impending hernia surgery. So I needed to stock up, and stock up I did.

Oh, but it did not stop there...

Surgery went well, but I had to take it easy for awhile. So it was a great excuse to eat what I wanted, when I wanted and it always was followed up by a slice of pie or cake, and a front loader full of ice cream.

And exercise? Yes, I did exercise...  my elbow!

Some people say I may be a little OCD, Type A. I was involved in every benefit, cause or concern known to man. I ate on the run, ate badly and didn't take the time to exercise properly. My comfort zone was filled with Eddy's Mint Chip and Milkyways.

And the pant sizes grew. And grew. And grew.

So why did I pick now to lose weight. Because I know that if I start eating properly and start working out again, I WILL lose weight and WILL be slimmer in time for the holidays. I have the best chance at success now that all the Car shows, cruise ins, bike nights, craft shows, flea markets are over with. Now is the time I take time, for myself. Sorry world, but its Wally time now.

80 lbs is what I am aiming to lose, and lose it.... I WILL!