A big thank you for all who came out to the benefit to raise funds to help my buddy John "Wah" Oleski in his fight against cancer yesterday. We had a a great time, has wonderful weather and the bands were fantastic.



A big thank you to the Stan and the entire staff at the Genegantslet Golf Club. You did an outstanding job and we thank you! The food kept coming and coming and coming. You guys rock!

by wah



The bands rocked the house. The Budda Kings, Christina, String of Pearls and Mel and the Boys. We understand that it cost you money for gas and you probably could have been doing a paid gig somewhere else. We appreciate your outstanding devotion to your music and causes that really do matter Thank you for spending your day with us, and making our day so special.

We had well over 125 motorcycles at this event, to raise money to help John kick cancer in the butt! Lots and lots of people arrived on four wheels as well. And all spent the day, smiling, drinking, eating and BS-ing the day away. AND YOU ALL SPENT YOUR MONEY WELL!

We had a 50-inch big screen TV, wheelbarrows full of tools and booze, and a bunch of custom mirrors from Eck manufacturing just to name a few, all auctioned off with great success. There were 60 or 70 some baskets  raffled off too. We appreciate all who donated baskets so we could raise more money for the cause,  at "Wahstock."

Planning a benefit of this nature takes months and months of planning. committee members going out and getting donations. There's a tremendous amount of  prep time and that can cause for some tension in the ranks. These ranks never wavered. That's because of the leadership of our Captain, Kathy Darrah. I know she would just as soon fade into the background, but she needs to be acknowledged as the driving force behind this tremendously successful effort.  Very nice job committee and WAY TO GO KATHY!


by Big Wally


John has got, we hope, just a couple of more chemo treatments left before he undergoes a stem cell transplant for his non-Hodgkin lymphoma. We all have positive thoughts, and John has got more money to help in his fight to kick cancer! And from the man who has helped so many, and on behalf of this benefit committee, to you who spent your day with us.... THANK YOU!