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Yes, I am left-handed, and proud of it.
I like being in the minority, so take that right-handers!
But it does have it's disadvantages. came up with a list of reasons it sucks to be left-handed.
I have to agree with these, especially the part of getting ink all over your hand.
Throughout my school years, I didn't seem to grasp the concept that right-handers don't have this problem.
Chalk it up to being a slow learner, I guess.
Oh, yea, the chalkboard was no picnic on us left-handers either.

This one is a bit disturbing - Studies show that lefties die sooner.  Apparently due to industrial and driving accidents, maybe because machines are designed for right-handers.
And this one gets me every time I go into a bank where credit card machines or the table where you fill out forms, have attached the pens on the right. You know, the cord is only so long, and it gets stretched to the limit.

Check out the complete list at, and if you're a lefty, I'm sure you will relate to this as much as I do.