Ice Cream, one of summer’s tasty indulgences and this Saturday you can join several others in our community for the Binghamton Zoo’s annual Ice Cream Safari.

I love Ice Cream Socials and this one is packed full of animals too.
Take a walk through the Zoo, visit with the animals as you stop at the various stations set up with different flavors of Ice Cream and toppings from the sundae station.

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There is something about the combination of Ice Cream and summer that takes you back to those childhood days, for me it was going to the Twin Freeze on Upper Court Street and of course Mr Softee would stop his ice cream truck on our street.

Cones, cartwheels, freeze pops, sundaes and an occasional root beer float. Those were the best treats of the summer for me.

There are several Ice Cream events throughout the summer, make it a point to attend a few and see if they don’t bring back some of those great days of your childhood.

Check out Van Halens "Ice Cream Man"