You have to hand it to Buffalo Bills fans. They stick by their team no matter what. My husband is a great example. But this week, Bills fans got handed tough news twice.

Iconic Bills owner, and one of the men behind the AFL, Ralph Wilson passed away at age 95. Wilson kept the team in Buffalo through thick and thin. Now, we will have to see. A couple of little known facts about Wilson: he had been a minority owner of the Detroit Lions before the AFL came about. And he helped finance teams like the Raiders and Patriots through hard times.

The second bit of bad news was released by Jill Kelly, the steadfast wife of Buffalo great Jim Kelly. The oral cancer that he fought and beat last year has come back with a vengeance and is spreading. Whoa! Talk about sad. Word is that Kelly will have surgery, as the first stage of his new fight, tomorrow.

UPDATE: Kelly will not have surgery, as the cancer is in a tricky area. He will have chemo and radiation. Doctors say his cancer is "very treatable" according to

The world of sports, regardless of who you root for, felt this news to the core. It was made even more prominent because of a picture of Kelly's daughter laying next to him in his hospital bed watching the 'Cuse game last weekend. Erin Kelly posted it herself on Instagram.

All I can think of is how I felt during my Dad's battle with cancer and how much I hope Jim Kelly's outcome is better. Apparently, I'm not the only one thinking this way. Twitter is abuzz with #prayforJimKelly and #PrayforJK. A Facebook page has even been set up so Kelly can read messages of support.

So, in one week, the Bills lost their beloved owner and are praying for the recovery of their Hall of Fame QB. Like they do every year, the Buffalo Bills and their fans will overcome.