There have been big recalls by GM and Toyota lately. Recalls are issued if there is a serious risk of injury or accident. Yet, a full one third of owners whose cars are recalled never take them to be fixed! What? Yep. I read it at

Why in the world would you risk your family's safety if the repair is free? Well, you could have a car that was owned a couple of times and have not gotten a recall notice or you could have a Pontiac or Saturn and think because those makes no longer exist you have no where to take it. Actually, you can take it to a GM dealership.

Now, if you have a used car and didn't get a notice, take it to the dealer anyway. it is still covered.

Even if you think the recall is for something minor, remember that these companies lose millions on recalls, so they don't take it lightly. Neither should you. Especially the current recalls that stem from fatal defects in the vehicles.

If you aren't sure about recalls on your vehicle, you can always check the manufacturers website. If you have a vehicle that is no longer made, there are several independent sites you can check.

Happy motoring!