I know it's tough to find a satisfying job. I was looking for two long years before I found a home here at the Whale. When I was in high school I got tested to see what career I would be best suited for. Remember that test? it said Communications was my field. Duh! Like I needed a test for that.

According to the latest numbers on employment, the odds of having a true "career" are becoming less likely. Can you believe that? No career? No chance for advancement or fulfillment?if the trend continues, my grandchildren won't get a shot at a career because they won't exist.

Here's the number breakdown: of the American population of age to work about half are not working. Of those employed, 47 percent work only part time.That means about only one quarter of Americans are working full time.  Let that sink in.

Part time jobs are taking over the American workplace. There are a few factors, but let's just focus on what that means to you and me. it means if you get laid off from a full time job, the odds of getting another one are less than in 2007. It means if you have a child in college, the odds of them actually having a career are bad.

So how do we get around this? Well, you may have to abandon the notion of a specific job you love and train for one that can actually offer a full time career. This will take some research for sure. Just don't give up hope.

One last thing you can do is speak up. If you do not like the way this is going, say something to the people YOU elected. Think about this: if everyone contacted their elected officials to complain, the noise would be so loud they could not ignore it. Your voices do add up. After all, you did elect them!

Sidenote: to see more numbers and stats, visit the US Bureau of Labor Statistics