One of the top trends this week on Google is "the apocalypse". Not a surprise since we had a near miss with an asteroid and a meteor dropped in Russia. The big question for me is, if it was near would you change your ways?

With two major hurricanes hitting the East Coast in 2 years, a big winter storm hammering the same areas and the events of this past week, it does make you wonder. Doesn't it?

Let's face it, Americans are fairly into their own lives. Do you know your neighbor? I can honestly say, I am just getting to know mine now. And I've been here for two years! Well, you should get to know them and you probably should reconnect with your family if you aren't close at this point.

The Apocalypse is a good excuse, but to me it's just the right thing to do. Being connected to others leads to a healthier and happier life. Science has proven it reduces stress and boosts you immune system too.

Thinking about what you would regret if the world ended tomorrow is a good excuse to do what you've always wanted to. Go for it! Live a little.

What is one thing you would improve in your life if you knew the Apocalypse was near?