The members of KISS, or I should say their egos, have destroyed any chance of the band performing at their induction into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.

At the heart of the problem is, who should be in makeup. I am not kidding you. The band wanted all members in makeup, Ace Frehley said that would not be cool and would not agree.

He is right. How stupid would it look to have 2 Spacemen? "The band", who I am guessing is actually Gene Simmons, wants equal treatment for Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, who are in the current lineup. Should I mention that they weren't in the band when the hits were made?

I am going to state my simple opinion and then let you sound off. I don't care WHO is in makeup or performs as long as KISS is performing. The fans deserve that much. If it wasn't for the fans, Gene Simmons and KISS would not exist and be able to buy a football team in LA! KISS -Get your big boy pants on, get rid of your horrid egos, and play.

Ok. Your turn!