A couple of years ago Businessinsider.com listed the Top 5 most depressing cities in the U.S.
All cities were located in or near the Northeast part of the country.
The report was compiled from Gallup Poll data at the time, and the first on the list, was Buffalo.
Well, given the winter weather they endure, I understand that it can be depressing, although the report concentrates more to job loss as a focal point, along with satisfied and optimistic residents.

Coming in at number 5 (if this list is ranked in order) was Binghamton.
One of the main reasons for the ranking was due to the large loss of manufacturing jobs over the past few decades, and that's a fact we can't dispute.
And apparently, we were ranked as the number one least optimistic metro area in the U.S.

So, my question to you, is the city on the rebound?
We have seen many improvements, and while we have more to do, I think Binghamton is on the right track.
New businesses continue to open up downtown, and with more students coming in to live here, it's bound to bring the city more alive than ever.

What are your thoughts?
Is Binghamton still one of the most depressing cities in the U.S., or are we on the way back to a vibrant and healthy community?