Three studio albums, and not much success.
A change was needed.

Time to find a strong lead singer, and that new lead singer was Steve Perry.

Robert Fleischmann was briefly the lead singer, but their were some differences and issues that just didn't work out.

'Infinity' was released by Columbia Records in 1978, and is the most successful Journey album to date.
Surprisingly though, the album only reached number 21 on the Billboard Top 200.

Roy Thomas Baker, who also worked with Queen, produced the album.

Baker had a successful method of stacking harmonies.
He would have the vocalists sing each harmony part in unison.
The effect made three or four voices sound like more.
You can hear this on 'Anytime' and 'Feeling that Way.'

Three singles came out of 'Infinity' - 'Wheel In The Sky', Feeling That Way/Anytime' and 'Lights.'

A great album from an amazing group.
That's Classic Rock.

Here's a cool video of 'Feeling That Way/Anytime."