We live in a world filled with hundreds of sophisticated gadgets and miracles of technology.

We cook our meals in minutes from fully frozen to the dinner plate with microwaves and convection ovens.

We watch our favorite television shows when it suits our scheduled thanks to several recording devices and cable features.

We’re in touch with every corner of our world with the internet at any time with mobil devices like smart phones, laptops, I-pads, etc.

Today’s world is much different than the world that our parents and grandparents grew up in; we are in a technical comfort zone.

Looking back 50 years ago before all of today’s conveniences, how did our parents get by?

Well they didn’t eat out very often and most of the food they made was from scratch, making their own sauces, most without a recipe and added a pinch here and there with a degree of improvising.

They didn’t run to the mall every week, they mended their families clothes sewing the holes and rips from day to day wear.

They also ironed everything as they took in down from the clothes line, materials required it back then with the permanent press era still in the future.

They canned fruit, jams and other food items to last throughout the year

They spent less time in front of the TV for several reasons, not the least there was way too much to do throughout their day and only a few channels to watch, not to mention everything was in real time back then.

The human touch was much greater in the days of our parents and grandparents; most communication was done face to face.

I remember playing outside all day with the kids on our street, we knew everyone in our neighborhood and we relied heavily on our imagination to have fun.

Wouldn’t you like to go back for just one day and relive those days?