This past Friday Face Book went down for about 19 minutes and caused a panic with many people, in fact some reports came in that certain areas called 911 to report it, so I got to thinking, what would happen if the entire world wide web went out for 19 minutes?

How much of a panic would just 1,140 seconds off the net create?

The first minute would probably be no more than mild frustration, many would probably not even notice.

I would think by the 5 minute mark, the affect on businesses that rely heavily on internet sales and trade would start to take its toll.

How about 10 minutes with no internet anywhere? 10 minutes without Google, Facebook, Twitter, E Mail, On Line Purchasing and Stock Market Trading.

How panicked do you think people would be after 15 minutes of no internet? I’m sure most of the severally dependant would be freaked by then.

16 minutes, perhaps some paranoia?....
17 minutes, rumors of a major attack on our nation?...
18 minutes, doomsday!!!
19 minutes AND we’re back on line.

This concludes my fictitious scenario of a 19 minute world internet shutdown.

Have a nice day