When I got home from work today my wife was doing yard work. I looked at her and I said we should go golfing. Late last year, my wife took an early retirement package at NYSEG. She was called back as a contractor and now she is only working 3 days a week. With all the extra time on her hands, she decided to become a member at En-joie Golf course. Being that we live within walking distance of the course, En-joie was the obvious choice. I bought a frequent players club card there as well, so we will be playing there a lot this year. So  we called down and got a tee time for 4:30. We were only planning on only playing nine holes because Chris had plans with one of her friend tonight and I wanted to watch the Flyers Penguins playoff game.

I only had one par all day but hit the first green in regulation without hitting a driving range so far this year. I  should definitely should have spent some time  on the practice green though, because  my putting failed me hard today. It took me six holes to stop putting too hard.  I had a bunch of three putts today. I wonder how many strokes I would have shaved by spending 10 minutes on the putting green?

All in all for not swinging a club since October, I think I did okay. We definitely wanted to take advantage of the 70 degree weather and we did.

Jim teeing off on # 4 Chris Free photo
Jim's pin high drive on 7. He missed the birdie putt. Chris Free Photo.