My husband and I went to the Philadelphia area Monday afternoon, so we could visit a doctor on Tuesday morning. I have to be honest, since I wasn't driving all I noticed heading down Route 92 in Susquehanna County were all the trucks hauling water to fracking sites (and back). I didn't notice the state of the road. Until we came home.

I want to be clear that I am on the fence as far as environmental impacts of fracking. However, I am against it if what I saw yesterday on the roads continues.

I saw no less that 30 trucks on Route 92. They go back and forth all day and night, so just imagine how much of a pounding that road takes in a day! Sadly, the roads showed it. The edges were breaking apart, cracked and crumbled. There were cracks in the center area and at a couple of points, the road was actually starting to collapse.

Really? I thought the State of Pennsylvania and area governments had deals in place that required Gas Drilling companies to pay for road upkeep. Where is all that money? Where are the road repairs?

Have you been down Route 29 to or from Montrose? Between a bad road construction job and all the fracking trucks, it is downright dangerous in spots! Why is it not fixed? It was patched this past year, but that won't cut it when thousands of trucks pass over it weekly.

All I have to say is, if you want Hydraulic Fracturing in New York, consider the damage to the roads. They will be permanent in some cases, as the money allotted for upkeep will end up in another pocket.  Be forewarned.

We have to ask: