Isn't it annoying when you get a call on your cell and you have no idea what the number is that's calling you? Besides calls from companies you deal with or collections, it is most likely spam.

Before you yell what I did, it isn't illegal for them to call you, because you probably gave them the number!

Anytime you write your number on a form, give it retailers, websites, charities or organizations the number becomes fair game to sell to a third party.

None of us reads the terms of use on websites right? Well, that is where (buried deep) you give up your right to privacy from spam callers. So how do we stop the madness?

Here's how! Enter an email address only for contact purposes when you fill out forms online (or at times in reality).  If a phone number is required, do this: area code-555- and then random numbers. Since no phone number uses "555", you aren't throwing them at another person.

Answer the phone when you get a spam call and tell them they must remove you from their list. If you continue getting calls from an organization after you have told them to take you off the call list, report them to the FCC and Attorney General.