It is going to get mighty cold this week. We'll have a balmy high temperature of 9 degrees by Friday! So how can you stay warm and not raise your heating bill?

I've come up with some common sense ideas that my hubby and I follow. He likes it cold in the house, so actually I don't have much of a choice! Add to them with your tips.

1. Wear layers. You hear that all the time, but do we follow that advice? Not really.

2. Drink warm liquids. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, hot apple cider. As long as it's hot, go for it.

3. Turn down the heat at night. If it is too warm while you sleep then you sweat and feel colder when you wake. The outcome? You turn up the thermostat when it isn't necessary.

4. Get out and do some indoor activities. Use someone else's heat. Mall walking or working out are good choices.

5. Forget fashion! Wear those goofy looking hats and scarves. Body heat escapes through your head, after all. Do you want to be pretty or warm? I proudly wear a blue hat that goes with nothing I own!