The infamous Parade Day is upon us my friends. Now we all know this involves, a decent amount of drinking alcoholic beverages. With that being said, we need to be prepared!!

1) Hydrate. Make sure you drink a lot of water all day Friday and Saturday morning. If you don't hydrate, you aren't going to last very long. Also, I would suggest taking a break at some point during the day and throwing back a few bottles of Gatorade.

2) The buddy system. You can either have one buddy, or a small group of buddies but make sure no one gets left behind! If you have a feeling your group will get separated, it's always wise to pick a meeting place and time to meet up so you can regroup.

3) Fuel. Don't forget to eat. Day drinking can be a lot of fun but if you pass out in the middle of the parade because you were too stupid to eat some breakfast...well, you're probably going to miss out on most of the fun the rest of the day. Make sure you eat meals to soak up the alcohol you are drinking!

4) Enjoy yourself! Parade day is about community coming together. Don't let any drama bog you down. Have fun with your friends and family and leave the BS at home! It will still be there the next day and if you want to deal with it then, you can.

I will see you guys out there this Saturday, feel free to say hi! Be safe and have fun friends.