I celebrated my 40-something birthday this weekend and it was not what I anticipated!

My sister and I are twins, which is great because I always have someone to celebrate with. My husband, Tom, and I headed to New Jersey to see her to make our day even more special. It was kind of bittersweet because it was our first without Dad.

What happened next was crazy. I am this old and it was the first time I was at a party where the cops were called! I am not kidding!

So, here is how to have a killer party like the one we had:

1. Have your young (but 21 or over) niece or nephew plan it and invite their friends and your friends and family. Make sure everyone mixes and mingles for optimum laughs.

2. Get a potato cannon, a can of hairspray, a lighter, and ten pounds of potatoes. Use said potato cannon in a place where the neighbors will not call the police. I shot that potato farther than almost anyone.

3. Play beer pong. The new rules aren't as brutal as when I was in college. You drink much less! My sister and nephew made a great team, by the way.

4. Have a birthday cake.

As we get older, instead of hiding under the covers, we should ROCK our birthdays! Why not? We only have two options; live or don't. We might as well live well.