My little angel/devil cat has fleas! Ok, I'm not entirely positive but when it comes to fleas and such, I'm a bit of a freak so I'm fairly sure she does.

Sita is an indoor cat but she has had fleas before. Fleas can travel on our clothes, they can slip in through crack and come in through window screens. They are very tricky little bugs!

I noticed some bumps on my legs a few weeks ago but assumed it was razor burn. Turns out, nope, it was fleas. In case you don't know, fleas like the lower parts of our bodies like legs and ankles.

I used this website to first wash Sita. Then I used advantage II for fleas and ticks which is an ointment you put on the base of their skull that kills fleas and their larvae. I'm crossing my fingers this works because I do not want any more bites! Do you have any flea horror stories? Let me know below!