Living in close proximity to others can be very challenging. As many in this area know, when the home has renters, it can cause the dreaded "annoying neighbor" syndrome. Have you ever had an annoying neighbor?

Recently, I had issues with a house renting neighbor. besides their son peeling out with the family car all the time, there was the dog they just left outside to bark. There were other things too. I wanted to pull my hair out! Then I took a deep breath and thought about it. How do you handle an annoying neighbor?

Reader's Digest had the answer!They went step by step to give you options to solve the situation.

The first thing made absolute sense and, actually, would prevent any problems I bet.

1. Get to know each other. In social media, this would get a "face palm". remember in old tv shows when a neighbor moved in and the sitcom star would bring over a pie? That's all it takes. If you show respect right away, thy will return it by being considerate.

2. If you happen to throw a party or plan on doing something noisy, let your neighbors know ahead of time. Again, it's a respect thing.

3. When you do have issues make sure you document them. Be specific with times, dates and type of issue.

4. Talk it out.  Your neighbor may not know there is a problem. Be open and direct, but not a jackass, otherwise you may end with a knuckle sandwich.

5. If your attempts to solve the problem are not getting anywhere, it is time to look at legal options including a mediator or small claims court. Try to avoid this.

The common thread in solving an annoying neighbor problem is respect. As with every aspect of life, you get what you give!