Since I got sick this week, and tried many remedies to feel better, it dawned on me that this is nothing compared to the allergy season that's about to hit.

Since the winter was so brutal, Spring allergies are going to be as well. So, how do we prepare?

I have dug around and talked to my doctor to answer that question. Here's what I've got:

1. Avoid your allergens. If we're talking pollen, it is impossible, but you can reduce the problem. Take off your shoes upon entering your house. You'll track pollen everywhere if you don't.

2. Take off your clothes immediately after entering your house. That could be fun! But seriously, no wearing your clothes twice (even jeans) before washing this Spring.

3. On dry and windy days, stay indoors as much as possible. This is when the pollen really gets around.

4. Keep an eye on pollen counts so you know when to stay indoors.

5. Wear a dust mask outside. People in Asia do it all the time. I am definitely going to this year. I like breathing, even if I do look ridiculous.

6. Rinse your sinuses.

7. One tip I didn't see anywhere was to wipe down your dog with a damp cloth after his being outside. Pollen sticks to fur like glue!

The key is to keep pollen out of your home, especially your bedroom. Do not open windows! I know you miss the clean air, but it's an invitation to allergy attacks.

Here's to surviving allergy season! May your sneezes be short and watery eyes be few.