Being single myself, I think of many ways to have a great time without a significant other in my life.

For instance, I found that I am now saving money on Christmas presents because I do not need to worry about a significant others gift or gifts for their family. This fact alone, makes me more happy. Yay, more money!

Several of my fellow single friends and I have decided that, even though we don't want to date each other, we can treat each other to special date nights just to make ourselves feel better. This means, we have a nice dinner and wine and we don't have to worry about impressing the other person because they are just a friend. We are still single but not alone. Solidarity is key my friends.

Variety and options. When you are in a relationship, normally one of you doesn't really have an option of where you want to go and when. Being single eliminate this. Now you hang out with a variety of different people of the group of people you are most fond with. I also find that I get invited to more things as a single because people are always trying to play matchmaker. Even if I don't meet someone I want to date at said occasion, I still gained new friends and if you have ever gone out with me, then you know that I love talking to strangers. Weird but interesting, trust me.

Cheers to all you other singles people out there! Hey, the people with significant others already know what's gonna happen on New Year's Eve- I like the mystery of finding out. Wink wink.