Basically everyone you see in the gym fits in to some sort of stereotype. Whether you are there for treadmill walking, Crossfit, yoga, watching those doing yoga, bodybuilding, or powerlifting, you are an exclusive member of a sort of fitness sub-genre, and you will be thrown in that category with anyone else who exists in that realm. As a member of this group, you will ceratinly fit in with that archetype (whether you try to or not), and you will, probably be made fun of by Dom Mazzetti at some point. I consider it a compliment... because it means that at least I'm going to the gym, and therefore, doing laps around the guy sitting on his sofa - all while being jealous of his Cheeto-fingers, because that's totally where I'd rather be! The target in this week's video blog by Dom Mazzetti: POWERLIFTERS! (I had to put that in all caps, because that's how I imagine they would type as well.)

(via YouTube)