You may have heard the term 24-hour news cycle before. It means that since cable's inception, viewers have access to news around the clock. That leads to the national networks attempting to deliver "hot" news as much as possible in a never ending cycle.

When I was growing up, there was a very short, 8 to 12 hour news cycle. Big difference!

The Boston bombing is as hot as it gets, unless you count catching the person that did it. I was watching CNN yesterday and the anchors were on the verge of peeing their pants as they announced a suspect was in custody. They went on to loosely describe the person. I flipped to Foxnews (as I do to get the whole view). And Megyn Kelly was on saying she would not and could not confirm the reports that the Associated Press and others were reporting about a suspect. She went on to explain how stories are confirmed and again stated she could not confirm it.

Megyn was the only reporter, I saw, that was honest with the American people yesterday. Everyone else wanted to get the story first and make it as sensational as possible. In the process, a huge trust between the press and the American people was broken.

The press is supposed to report the truth so the people are informed. Sadly, they broke the first rule of journalism to get the story; confirm a story with at least 2 reputable sources. Did they ask officials in charge of the investigation? Maybe. If they did they certainly were not told anything about a suspect as it could jeopardize the case. So they went with unofficial sources.

The people of Boston were thrilled at the news, then just an hour later completely deflated to learn it was bull. This has happened before, including during the Newtown tragedy, the Colorado shootings and when Gabrielle Giffords was shot (they reported she was dead!). SHAME on the national press for putting its needs before the truth!

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