It has come to my recent attention that many young people have no idea how to treat each other when it comes to relationship etiquette. If your son or daughter is a bit confused as to how things are supposed to work and you can't get through to them, perhaps this will help a bit.

When you want to break up with some one, the polite and courteous thing to do is to tell them to their face. It is not appropriate to do this on the phone unless it is long distance and necessary. It is absolutely not okay for anyone to do this via any social media site, a text or email.

While face to face confrontation may not be the easy way out, it is the most respectful and manly (or womanly) way to end a relationship. Technology it seems, has made many people forget how to treat others in general and the appropriate channels of communication.

I have done my fair share of breaking up with others and it was never easy but I have always done so face to face. Why? Because it was hard? Because I felt the need to see them? No. It is because as human beings and someone I once cared about, no matter how short the time, they deserve respect and so do you!