I was recently listening to a band I haven't listened to in quite some time and by this I mean in eight years. The music brought me back to a summer when I was on college break and went camping with my sister and a group of friends but it also was a bit odd for me honestly. The music itself it still great but now that I'm older, I listen to the lyrics a bit differently. Sometimes I would be listening and think, "Wow, I can still relate to that but for real now!" and other times I would think; "Now, that is a bit dramatic." Either way, I think it's nice to remind ourselves of the music we listened to in the past that we may have forgotten about from time to time. We listened to it for a reason then and it brought a little insight into my world now to hear it at this point and time. Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one? Here's to the music of my late high school and early college days!