Ifyou want to lose weight, you either have to do one of two things, eat less than your body uses in a day, or you need to burn more than you eat in a day.

So let's look at exercise. You don't have to run marathons to burn a bunch of calories. Want to get into shape? How about starting by simply walking around the block? It works.

A few years ago I started the first edition of the Big Wally losers Club, where I eventually lost 134 lbs.  I started by....... walking!

September 18th, 20-whatever. I had my earbuds and my favorite tunes. I got outta the truck and warmed up a bit, before starting MY very first day. I was 322 lbs, and I knew I was gonna struggle a bit, thats why I picked THAT park, because it had lots and lots of picnic tables that i could sit at, if I got winded or my back started to ache.

The first day, I made it around the roadway, once and I did have to sit, once. I felt like, 'why did I let myself get this far outta shape and what happend to me?'  BUT, I was determined to not let it detour me from my goal of losing weight, and getting healthier.

Day number two, I made it the whole way without having to take a break. Day three I was moving faster and effortless and started walking further (two loops) at Otseningo Park in Binghamton. Three days in and I am totally psyched and I know that I CAN DO THIS!

The first week of walking and dieting produced a weight loss of 12 lbs.

Three weeks into walking and dieting, I lost a total of 25 pounds, my pant sizes dropped by two, and the best thing was, people started asking 'are you loosing weight?' Good Times!

Alot of people say they don't havethe time to walk, or exercise.  You need to find the time! I am one of the busiest people that I know and I find the time. If you find yourself mindlessly watching TV, and have no idea what the show is about, then you have the time. If you spend a half hour surfing the internet 'cause you have nothing better to do, then you have the time!

You need to make an appointment for yourself to walk, or to do some form of exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week Today I started back at the gym today, and 35 mins on the eliptical burned 608 calories. Now I can either eat 600 more calories, or I can eat the same amount and lose more weight faster. But there's one thing for sure, when you have those extra calories burned, you have a little more wiggle room in the old diet.

Tomorrow we will talk about some magic foods that will help you lose weight.

www.MyFitnesspal.com. Sign up for it today and search (wallywess) That's me. And let's get started down the road to a health more fit you.

Big Wally is not a doctor or nutritionist. This blog is meant to be inspirational in nature. Always see your physician before starting any diet or exercise routine.