First of all, I hope you had wonderful holidays and enjoyed our shots of snow! Now this is what Winter is.

I know you've noticed I haven't been around much. Life got in the way of the fun that is my job. But, with everything lately, I have learned some things to pass on.

As you may know, my Dad has cancer. I have been spending a great deal of time with him in New Jersey, helping in his care. We only have one opportunity in this life to spend our time in the best way. This is it for me.

As I've been here, I have opened my eyes to all the everyday heroes around me. These are just some examples:

First are the nurse who checks in once a week and the woman who sits with Dad during the weekdays. It takes special people to get a smile out of someone in discomfort.

Then there are the orderlies and nurses who went over and above to care for Dad at the hospital when he went in for a procedure. Among them were Yolanda, who walked us all the way from the recovery room to the car. Wow! And Fred, who assisted when he didn't have to.

Yes, they get paid for what they do, but not for going outside their duties to assist.

Then, the firefighters at the department he long served as chaplain. They honored him and continue to check in. They didn't have to honor him and they don't have to check in, but it's how they roll.

And lastly, Dad's neighbors. Shortly after the snow stopped on Friday morning, they came out with snow blowers and did his driveway, sidewalk and to the front door. What a pleasant surprise! They also mow his lawn and check in often.

I could go on and on. Heck, even the mailman here is great!

I'm sure you've run across many everyday heroes in the last year, but kind of took them for granted. Hey, we all do so don't feel bad.

I think it's time we pay tribute to everyday heroes. So, coming up very soon, I will begin spotlighting them. Feel free to share one of yours. Actually, I would prefer that.

Meanwhile, thank you to our unsung heroes. You do more than you know.