I had quite the dilemma yesterday. I was a little distraught because I had planned to spend the evening purchasing my pumpkin and then carving it while watching American Horror Story. It's silly but Halloween is my favorite holiday so this little activity means a lot to me.

I got asked to sub for trivia last night and couldn't really say no. I would say I'm a pretty mature person but when it comes to things like Halloween or animals, I instantly turn into a five year old. Of course I was so upset because I didn't have time to go get a pumpkin and carve it. One of my good friends took it upon himself to go get me a pumpkin and dropped it off at my apartment so I would have it to carve when I got home from trivia. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Normally, I carve pumpkins at Mama and Papa Dags house but that didn't happen this year. With that being said, my cat Sita has never seen large pumpkin. When I brought it inside, she wasn't quite sure what it was. I took some pictures of her exploring the pumpkin and of course of what I carved. I decided to do a raven and I shall call him Nevermore!

What did you carve this year? Post pictures in the comments below!