Most of you know, I am fond of alcoholic beverages. Preferably dry red wine or vodka. Now, I'm not promoting getting inebriated all the time but everything in moderation is fine.

There are certain occasions when there is a call to drink a little more than usual. Holidays, birthdays and unfortunately funerals. I had a friend pass away is college and attended his wake with other SUNY Oneonta Alumni on December 30th in Vernon, NY. To commemorate Mizzle, we all decided to get hotels rooms at the hotel across from Turning Stone Casino and celebrate his memory at Turning Stone.

The night started off with numerous drinks in the hotel and then led us over to the casino where we did a little gambling, eating and of course, some more consuming. I am also spectacular at making friends with strangers so with that being said, I started a conversation with several older men who joined us for a late dinner. Thankfully, this habit of mine has not caused me any trouble so far, I just love meeting new people!

The end of the night is where it got tricky. My friend and I decided to walk all the way back to the hotel. Picture this- me in 4 inch heel hooker boots walking a half a mile on ice and snow. You would think I'm about to tell you this is where I met my demise but alas, it is much sadder than that. I made it all the way into the hotel lobby, of course there was some melted snow on the floor and bam! Down I went, primarily supporting my weight on my right elbow and my left knee. "Damn, I was so close! My room is right there!" I yelled. The moral of this story is, you aren't really ever in the clear until you've made it into bed. Unless you are sleeping naked and next to a creeper in which case, I can't help you there friends!