Last week I discussed the 5 benefits of sleeping naked on air and then told all of you I would try it for a night. Unless I already sleep naked in which case I already knew....but I suppose you'll never know if I was lying or not. I like to keep it a little interesting for all of you.

Either way, as promised, I slept naked on Wednesday night. It was comfortable, I'll give the survey that but there are some very bad side effects I can see coming out of this.

1) I had a horrible dream that I had a seizure, while naked, and someone filmed it and put it on Facebook! Needless to say, when I woke up from that nightmare, I was ready to get dressed and check my facebook to ensure it was really a dream.

2) The other downside to sleeping naked is that you can not possibly be prepared if an intruder or sex offender enters your humble abode. If someone came and barged through my door, I would not be in any kind of attire to defend myself. Being that I live by myself in what I refer to as the ghetto and my cat has not mastered the art of ninja yet, I feel this is probably not a wise choice.

3) Fires. How am I supposed to escape from my house, through a window with no clothes on when the house is burning? This will ensure third degree burns everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

So, while sleeping naked has it's benefits, I would just make sure that you are not planning on having intruders, rapists or fires visit you when you do decide to sleep naked. As to whether I really do sleep naked or not, I will leave that up to your dirty perverted minds to do with what you please. Love you friends!