Photo: Holly Dagger\
Photo: Holly Dagger

A prank has been going around lately where kids text their parents " Got 2 grams for $40?" Their parents then react extremeley concerned on cue, then the kids post their reactions on the internet. Obviously this is a bit cruel but hey, I decided to try it out on Mama and Papa Dagger.

As you can see, Mama Dagger was pretty concerned but Papa Dagger seemed more upset that I had tried to do a drug deal via text and not in person. I also would like to mention that they were obviously not too concerned because I text them at approximately 3:30pm and they did not actually pick up the phone and call me until 9:30pm at night, to which I replied "Well, I'm glad I'm not in rehab."

Love you Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with all my shenanigans! Parents, you have officially been warned!