I recently went to see a psychic at a friend's house the other week as part of a little get together (kind of like jewelery and sex toy parties we do but with a psychic).

First, I thought, what a great idea and second, I am always a little nervous and scared at the same time at how on this particular psychic seems to be with me. Alonnie from Wateredge Marketplace in Endicott, is particularly good at reading me as well as Lena who I believe is a freelance pyschic.

Alonnie told me she saw me moving to a place with piers, like an ocean. If I decide to to move to this particular place, I will supposedly meet two men and have to choose between them.

She also said i would only stay in Binghamton for three more years, pointed out things about my personality one could not possibly known by looking at me, my work and my personal relationships.

It's hard to believe in a psychic in the first place, especially if they do not tell you things you want to hear but I believe there is some truth in what they say. I found it quite interesting that one of the things that is important to me in my life right now and is up in the air, she pretty much said was still up in the air. Now this might seem silly, but I did not tell her that it was particularly up in the air at all. honestly, I feel a little better knowing it is not a completely lost cause but who knows where life will lead any of us. She also said, we can always choose to change our life path. If I don't go to live near a large body of water for instance, I will not meet the two men she was referring to. This could be a good things or a bad thing depending on what path I choose.

Do you believe in psychic's? To what extent?