It's that time of the year - the annual office holiday party.
There are rules that while they're unofficial, would be wise to follow.

According to The Wall Street Journal, here are some highlights.

  • If you're the first person to show up, that's fine, but do your best not to be the last person at the party.
  • It's not the time or place to try an alcoholic beverage you've never consumed before.
  • Performing silly tricks - not a good idea.
  • Stay away from talking about the BCS championship. You never know if someone is there who went to Notre Dame or Alabama. You'll spend the rest of the evening in a conversation you can't get out of.
  • Dancing at the party. Are you a good dancer? Probably not good enough. Don't do it.
  • Showing pictures of your family, vacation, home improvement, etc. Yea, stop it now, or go home.
  • The day after, you see quite a few messages from human resources, you might want to find a box to use to fill with your belongings.

Play it safe.
Your job is more important than a party you may not even remember.