This winter has been brutal! If you're like me, you've tried to be out in the cold as little as possible. I call it Human Hibernation.

I bundle up during winter, stock up on snacks, and become a couch potato. But,there is only so much binge tv watching you can do (ask Don Morgan!). It is time to get moving and prepare for sunshine, the problem is I need motivation.

Yes, we have snow coming this week, but it's Lent! And that means food. What better motivation to get out is there than food?

Friday was the first fish fry at our American Legion Post in Susquehanna. My husband got roped into cooking so I decided to go too. That officially ended my hibernation. And luckily, there are different dinners every week of Lent around the Southern Tier, so there's no going back into the cave.

There's only 77 days until Memorial Day and the opening of the Carousels. Just a little motivation for you (if the food didn't work).