In an effort to get back on my diet and back to better health and fitness, last week I made kind of a bold statement. "I Big Wally will jump start my weight loss efforts by exercising at least 30-minutes a day for 30-straight days." Boy, what was I thinking?


I work out every morning when I get up up. Exercising within an hour of when you wake up or before you eat burns straight fat because you haven't consumed any carbs to burn yet.

So far I have worked the body of this 52 year old geezer for 11-straight days. I got to tell you, if you don't mix it up a little bit, it gets a bit boring. So I have compiled a list of exercises that you can do in place of riding the bike or hitting the stair-master everyday, that will help you burn off excess blubber.

1) Clean around the house. It burns about 170 calories, plus your house will look great!
2) Mowing the lawn will burn 728 calories/hr.  (pushing not riding)
3) Helping someone move for an hour 927 calories/hr.
4) Jet Skiing 927 calories/hr
5) Fishing from the riverbank 464/hr


6) SEX!
Most people burn about 100 to 200 calories each time they have sex — but here are some really fun ways to send that number sky high!